● Responding to the increasing demand for pasteurized safe egg products in the multiple industries which guarantee the food safety due to its ease of use, improved hygiene, uniformity and the preparation of special product, Eglite was launched to be part of the dynamic “Egypt Poultry” company.

● EGGLITE is specialized in producing pasteurized eggs cooled and frozen by adopting the highest European technology. Our company works in a united effort to ensure a product range that exceeds expectations and guarantees a performance the customer can depend on. 

Our Goals:

  • ▪Adopting and improving the quality management systems to ensure high quality products that meet customer’s satisfaction.
  • ▪Improving the hygiene standards to ensure providing first quality and safe food products which are free from pathogenic and microorganism.
  • Increasing investments in pasteurized egg field.

Why Pasteurized Eggs:

Eggs are pasteurized to reduce the risk of food-borne illness. It is considered a safe product, free from pathogenic bacteria, bad odors and easy to use.

● Our Products:

Our pasteurized egg products are available in many shapes and volumes:

Whole pasteurized egg (chilled & frozen)

Pasteurized egg yolk (chilled & frozen)

Pasteurized egg whites (chilled & frozen)

Special products

  • ■ Whole egg with salt, or sugar
  • ■ Egg yolks with salt
  • ■ Egg white with sugar


Factory: industrial area of Belbees,

Tenth of Ramadan City

Sharqiah Governorate

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