Power plant

As energy consumption is in a constant increase due to wide expansion in our projects. Efficient power generation will be a vital component to reliable, eco-friendly energy systems. Greenpower was established in 2012 for operating power plants for generating electricity, network distribution, and selling of electrical power.

Greenpower’s power plants were constructed on an area of 5 acres, while the company headquarter is built on an area belongs to (Lina for Land Reclamation) in Wadi Al Natron.


The company was launched to cover the requirements of the group’s farms located in Wadi Al-Natron and to serve the rest of the projects with a capacity of 80 MW.


Our heavy-duty power plants are aligned with our objectives, as we are observing the stringent emission limits, as well as supplying power at lower costs and ensuring supply under adverse conditions.


This spirit of development and expansion is what has driven our power business ever since.