● Egypt Poultry

■ The company was established in 2004 with the aim of operating farms for the production of broiler poultry and slaughterhouse. Egypt Poultry runs a variety of operations related to poultry such as: processing, packing, selling frozen poultry, and pasteurizing Eggs.

● Our Branches and Farms:

■ Broiler farms are located in ‘Sharkia’ to produce broiler chickens.

● Chicken slaughterhouse:

■ The company’s slaughterhouse is equipped with the cutting-edge machines to facilitate the different processes for the production of poultry meat in two types frozen and half cooked which will be distributed in the local market under “Chicky” brand.
By adopting the highest technology equipment, we managed to increase the production to reach a capacity of 80,000 birds daily.